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Quite possibly the happiest person on Earth.

Love at First Listen!
Lady Luck Voiceover: Oh my... That girl can sell ANYTHING!

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Melissa Moats Las Vegas Voice Actor

Oh, You Want More?

Why Lady Luck? I Believe in Creating my own luck.

I grew up in the mid-west and knew in my heart my future held doing ‘all things creative.’ I dreamed of singing, becoming a cruise director like Julie McCoy on the Love Boat, and voicing for commercials! As a little girl I spent hours writing and recording ‘pretend’ commercials with my Strawberry Shortcake cassette recorder. Little did I know how much more of that I’d be doing decades later. Oh, and I wanted to live where there were palm trees!

Check. Check. Check.

There wasn’t exactly a ‘guide-book’ on how to make my dream jobs a reality, but with the love and encouragement of my family and friends it gave me the confidence to GO FOR IT! So I did.

Building a career for myself as a voice actor has taken persistence, patience and passion.  Doing what I love every day completely rocks my world, and I get lost in it. Time stops when I’m in front of my mic… except when I’m doing disclaimers. ;-) Commercial work is my favorite. But I also voice for television promos, documentaries, phone systems, video games, corporate training videos, you name it! Some of my favorite projects so far include voicing promos for The Ellen Show, doing national tv commercials for Best Western Hotels, being the North American guide voice on the video game Wii Yoga, and narrating documentaries for super stars Justin Timberlake and Drake! I’m also heard regularly on Pandora Internet Radio.

As deeply as I love voicing myself, I equally enjoy mentoring others who share the same dream of voice acting. We all have to start somewhere, and I began by attending a voice over class at UNLV back in 2000. My husband and I founded The Voice Actors Studio in Las Vegas in 2015, and we can’t get enough of the amazing talent who walk through our doors. We have such an awesome VO community here!  My Voice Over life came full circle… as I am now the voice over instructor for UNLV! I believe in paying it forward and sharing everything that has served me well over the years.

Being based in Las Vegas, also known as the “Convention Capitol” of the world, paired with my unique skill set as a professional speaker, voice actor and former cruise director, I’m requested often as a live announcer at countless events throughout Sin City. From tech and social media companies to announcing for award’s shows and other corporate events there’s nothing quite like the energy and excitement of announcing live!

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